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I really don’t like everyone at this moment. I feel like screaming. “Hi it’s me Amanda. I’m the person that you always come to when you need something and screw over because you think I don’t mind.”
YES I DO MIND, because once Amanda does the same thing to you it’s a huge problem.

I honestly don’t understand how people can be so selfish and angry all the time when things don’t go they’re way.
Me? I’m not angry I’m just hurt and brokenhearted that people can do that to me so easily. I’m constantly being let down and that’s OK because it molding me into the person I’m suppose to be. I’m expecting less, but I’ll never stop giving.
They only reason why I won’t stop is because this world is full of biter, nasty, selfish disgusting people and I refuse to became one of them. They were turning me so biter. I found myself lashing out at my friends and family for no reason. I was starting to lose myself, I was starting to lose my selfless, caring, and beautiful self and it was being replaced by hate and envy. NOT ANYMORE.
It’s saddens me that I’ll have to let a lot of people go. But I have to get rid of all of my toxic relationship to make room for my blessings.

me: damn i need to save my money

me: *spends $200 in a week*

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